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Yes! Starlettos prevent your stiletto heels from sinking in the grass, but they do SO much more...

Be the STAR (that you are) with Starlettos!

  • Stop your heels sinking in the grass
  • Take to the dance floor with Starlettos clever non-slip base
  • Avoid ruining expensive shoes after just one outdoor event
  • Relax, there's no need for hazardous 'tippy-toe' walking anymore.

Need Starlettos urgently for an upcoming event? Buy now.

Starlettos are confidence from the ground up. They are fast becoming the most widely-used heel protectors in the world for the simple reason that our customers want the most attractive fashion accessory for their stylish heels at high-fashion outdoor events.

What Starlettos do for You

Starlettos save stilettos: How many heels have you ruined sinking in grass? Did it spoil your day out? Do you remember that awful feeling when you realised your heels were damaged? Starlettos heel protectors are the solution you have been waiting for. They stop your beautiful shoes being ruined on grass and let you concentrate on having fun. Read about how they work.

Designed for Peace of Mind: Discreet, yet highly effective stiletto heel protectors, Starlettos do all the hard work for you. No more standing on tippy-toe worrying about dirt and scuff marks. Stop heels sinking or slipping into cracks at marquee weddings, race days, parties and fashionable outdoor events.

Ingenious, Fashionable and Versatile Heel Protectors: Starlettos heel protectors are made from strong, yet pliable materials, and the unique star-shaped design gives versatility to fit most slim heel shapes and sizes. View our sizing chart.

No more slipping on the dance-floor: The clever non-slip base of Starlettos means they are also great for wearing inside, on polished floorboards or other smooth surfaces.

For even more reasons why we are fast-becoming the most widely-used heel protector around the world, visit our Why Choose page.

Money Back Guarantee: Still uncertain? Why not buy them and see?! If you are not happy for any reason, simply return them within 30 days of receipt and we will refund 100% of the purchase price with no questions asked. How easy is that!?


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Buy Now

There's a new word to describe 'stiletto heel protectors' and 'stiletto savers'. It's Starlettos! Say it loudly and proudly so that all your friends and admirers can marvel at how smart and fashion savvy you are. Buy a pair today.

Starlettos® is a registered trademark in Australia and the European Union with applications pending in other jurisdictions.

For Weddings and Race-Days

Save your stiletto heels

Money Back Guarantee

Not satisfied?
Return for a full refund!

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